InHand CR202 Portable 4G LTE CAT 6 Wifi Router



Up to 30 devices, 8 hours of use

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The portable 4G cellular router is designed for people who are on the go and need to connect to the Internet when they are away from the office or home with a reliable and stable network connection. At the same time, it guarantees the connections of small businesses and medium-sized branches and self-service terminal scenarios. It also performs the functions of a wireless access point. The link detection mechanism can effectively ensure that the network is not interrupted. The powerful built-in battery also allows you to work anytime, anywhere with a lightweight design.

Powerful Edge Computing, Multiple Industrial Protocols, Python programmable. VPN


Secure and Reliable Network

InHand always put security first when you are on the go. Through password-protected access, you can decide who can access your private router. Your are in control of blocking selected devices, filtering certain types of content, and creating guest access if needed.

Edge computing with 256MB Nand Flash, CPU ARM cortex-A8 600MHz, 256MB Ram DDR3

Lightweight Design, Easily Portable

InHand CR202 mobile router is a small, valueable option that is worth considering. It is a lightweight and compact router that also supports panel placement and bracket mounting.

Modbus TCP EtherNET/IP, Modbus RTU ISO on TCP

Convenient and Functional Network

CR202, a plug-and-play router, supports high-speed cellular networks for fast and stable service. Optional Internet access modes for different access scenarios such as 4G cellular, wired broadband (WAN/LAN), and wireless wifi.

InGateway902 Industrial Edge Computing Gateway with Azure, AWS IoT Greengrass Qualified

Effortless Build a Wi-Fi Network

Wireless Wi-Fi networking capability enables you to build your network with minimum effort. It supports two operation modes, AP and STA, covering 15-60 square meters, and connecting up to 30 devices.

Integrated SDK and access system APIs

Built-in 5000 mAh Battery

As well as offering a fast 300Mbps network with support for 2.4GHz networks, this device features a 5000mah battery so it works without needing power for 8 hours.

Integrated SDK and access system APIs

Device Manager-Free Remote Centralized Management Platform

CR202 is compatible with InHand Device Manager, a free centralized cloud management platform allowing users to manage & monitor InHand devices remotely.

InHand Device Manager- Join for free


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InHand CR202 Portable 4G LTE CAT 6 Wifi Router

InHand CR202 Portable 4G LTE CAT 6 Wifi Router

Up to 30 devices, 8 hours of use

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