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MosaicMill Complete UAV System

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EnsoMOSAIC Quadcopter - OrthoMapping - Cropdrone


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EnsoMOSAIC Quadcopter is high-end UAV system developed especially for agriculture NDVI mapping, volumetric surveys of stock piles and mining sites as well as for small- and medium size ortho mapping projects. EnsoMOSAIC Quadcopter is manufactured by Videodrone and 100 % integration with EnsoMOSAIC NDVI camera and photogrammetric tools guarantee high accuracy and seamless processing chain.

Key features of EnsoMOSAIC Quadcopter:

  • Width 67 cm
  • Maximum payload 0.8 kg
  • Take-off weight 3.7 kg
  • Flight time 38 min with Sony A6000 camera
  • Wind resistance 8 m/s
  • Google Earth based flight planning software for win7/8
  • Full telemetry data

EnsoMOSAIC Quadcopter features and different options are described in the following brochure: EnsoMOSAIC Quadcopter options

EnsoMOSAIC Quadcopter comes with application-specific hardware and software for these sectors:


  • EnsoMOSAIC Quadcopter
  • EnsoMOSAIC modified Sony Alpha 6000 NDVI camera
  • EnsoMOSAIC UAV software for CIR (Color InfraRed) and NDVI ortho-mosaicking

EnsoMOSAIC Cropdrone brochure


  • EnsoMOSAIC Quadcopter
  • Sony Alpha 6000 calibrated 24 Mpxl camera
  • EnsoMOSAIC UAV software for ortho-mosaicking
  • EnsoMOSAIC 3D software for topographic mapping and volumetric surveys

EnsoMOSAIC Orthodrone brochure


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MosaicMill Complete UAV System

MosaicMill Complete UAV System

EnsoMOSAIC Quadcopter - OrthoMapping - Cropdrone